Bob Berry
President & C.E.O. / Operator
WreckMaster 6/7A
Level 3 TRAA
CTTA Light Duty
CTTA Heavy Duty
Certified Heavy Duty Crane Operator

Bob Berry is a very enthusiastic person and is known throughout the industry as a pioneer in tower education who keeps up with the latest methods and equipment. He has been in this business for more than 35 years.
A main factor in Bob Berry’s success has been his own continuing education. Over the years of his life, he has learned from such industry greats as Bill Jackson, Mark Anderson, Ross Kinman, Tom Luciano, and Joe Shroga. He worked as an instructor with Steve Cardinale in Washington, Oregon, and California. He has over 10 years experience in training drivers for Light Duty and Heavy Duty work with the California Tow Truck Association, Washington Tow Truck Association and the Oregon Tow Truck Association. He was also fortunate enough to know Donnie Cruse the last five or six years of his life. Bob also holds a WreckMaster Level 6/7A certificate. Berry has also been an instructor for Level 3 national certification with the TRAA, the highest standard in the industry.


He also holds a card from the National Committee Certification of Crane Operators for over five years.
Bob has served in many positions within the industry. He served as both a past president and chairman of the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was inducted into the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame in 1994. He currently sits on the Board of Trustees at the International Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum. He is also a financial supporter of the Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum, The Survivor Fund through membership in the Founders Club, and the C.T.T.A. Driver’s Relief Fund.


Gordy Iwata
A.S.E. Master Mechanic / Class A Operator
CTTA Light Duty

Gordy has worked for Bob since the beginning of time. He keeps the trucks maintained at the company as well as assists with some of the calls that come through the office.



Dave Scornaienchi
Manager / Class A Operator
Wreckmaster 6/7A
CTTA Light Duty


In Memoriam
Larry Wayne Lindsey
November 12, 1952 - October 6, 2014
Orinda Manager
CTTA Light Duty
AAA Light Duty

Larry was the owner of Orinda Tow. He joined our team to provide better service on both sides of the Caldecott Tunnel. Bob and Larry had known each other for over thirty years. Larry would ask Bob for assistance with a good recovery and Bob would always respond. Larry was a valuable asset to the company. He will truly be missed by many.
Click for Larry's Obituary here


Dave Burgess
Class A Operator
CTTA Light Duty
CTTA Heavy Duty

Grumpa has been in towing for a long time. He once told me about how he used to have to hand crank the winch. He loves the new hydraulic tools though.


Jon Fischer
Part-time Class A Operator
WreckMaster 6/7A
Level 3 TRAA

Jon has moved on to work for the City of Berkeley as a firefighter/paramedic, but he still finds time to fill in a shift if needed when he's not firefighting. He has a certificate from WreckMaster.


Jim Vonich
Class A Operator

Mr. Vonich worked for Berry Brothers for a long time. He is a very dedicated individual and was very much appreciated while he was here. He recently decided that it was time for him to retire. He is and always will be a part of the Berry Brothers family.



David Solis
"The General"
Class A Operator
CTTA Light Duty
CTTA Heavy Duty

David has been with Berry Brothers for about twelve years and is highly trusted to do what has to be done when called. He is CTTA Light Duty certified.


Daniel Leon
Class A Operator
CTTA Light Duty
CTTA Heavy Duty
NC Computer Technician

I have been towing for a long time, I started in Hayward with a Cradle Snatcher and never looked back. I enjoy towing, the recoveries and accidents, and the opportunities given to me that let me prove I am a good tow operator. I have accomplished a lot during my career and hope to contribute more. I consider myself very fortunate to be here at Berry Brothers Towing.



Dean Martinez
Part-Time Class A Operator
CTTA Light Duty

Dean worked for Berry Brothers for about 15 years and took another job with the garbage company we used to tow for. He loves towing and works for us part-time sometimes.



Ivan Vargas
Class C Operator
CTTA Light Duty

Ivan is one of our graveyard drivers and is very instrumental in taking care of things at night. He recently passed his CTTA class and we are all proud of him.


Ramon Chavez
CTTA Light Duty

Ramon has been with Berry Brothers for a short time and is CTTA Light Duty certified. He shows a lot of potential here.


Roberto Velasco
Class A Operator / Maintenance
CTTA Light Duty

Bobby is mainly our grounds maintenance person, but he has the ability to fill in when we need an extra truck on the road. He has been with Berry Brothers for about twelve years. He has his class A license in the event that we need an extra truck on an accident scene or any call for assistance.


Brandon Michael Berry
CTTA Light Duty Certified
Third Generation
Brandon is one of the many grandsons who has had the opportunity to learn under Bob. Bob Berry is truly blessed to be able to see his grandchildren grow up and work for him.



Martin Quizhpe
CTTA Light Duty Certified
Martin is a light duty tow operator. He is a new member to the team and hope he stays for a very long time. He is a valued member of the team.



Austin Thomas Leon
CTTA Light Duty Certified
Austin is following in his father's footsteps. He has entered this position knowing what is expected and what could possibly happen during his time here. He has passed his CTTA written test and is working the graveyard shift training with Brandon right now.



Nicholas Anthony Scornaienchi
Light Duty Probie
Nationally Certified E.M.T.
Third Generation


Eric Wright
CTTA Light Duty Certified
Eric comes to us with experience. He has been in the industry for 18 years. The work is steady and he likes helping people. We are glad that he is with us.


Austyn Allum
CTTA Light Duty Certified

Austin shows some potential. He served in the Armed Forces and is still training.




Office Manager

Missy has worked for Berry Brothers Towing for over 10 years. She has been given the Office Manager position and is hard at work making sure you are well taken care of when you call for assistance.

Check out Missy's paintings here, if you would like one done contact her and you can discuss about the layout.


Office Assistant

Kim has been in the towing industry for 33 years, owning Orinda Tow with her husband Larry. So she knows her stuff when it comes to assisting you when you call for assistance.



Jean Hindt

Jean has worked for Berry Brothers Towing for over many years. She always had the best interest of the customer in mind when answering their calls in need of service. She knew what driver to send and for what situation to send them on. She was the front line for customer service at Berry Brothers Towing. We wish her the best on her retirement and will never forget her.  











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